Daffodil enthusiasts have been working to improve the quality of their flowers since the 19th century. In Australia, the late Alister Clark of ‘Glenara’ at Bulla was the best known and most successful of breeders between the two World Wars. He inspired and assisted the late Hugh Dettmann to commence a breeding program in this region. Hugh Dettmann in turn assisted the late Eve Murray of Langley to begin growing daffodils from seed.

By the early 1950’s the Kyneton Daffodil Show was as keenly contested as any show in the state of Victoria. It would sometimes happen that the Kyneton Show date would coincide with the peak season of growers all over the state. Then Kyneton would have the biggest and best show in Victoria, which gave our town a reputation for growing daffodils.

When it was decided to hold an annual Kyneton and Arts Festival, the daffodil seemed the obvious symbol for our town and so began the planting of massed daffodils along the main thoroughfares.